Year 2014 brought luck to

Year 2014 brought luck to

e-Retail site n11. com, completed 2014, with 21 registered shop, 24,5 million registered product, total of 200 million visitors and 770 million TL reveune. The site created a 11,11 Dollar revenue in every second with total of 4 million members.

The board member of, who is responsible from Doğuş Planet Execution, Izi Adato stated that: We have grown rapidly in e-commerce market and help e-commerce market grow along with us since we begin our activities in April 2013. We have passed all the projections that we set at the beginning. In 2014, sector has grown about 20-25% but has grown 200%. “Right now we number of shops that we have are 100 times more than the number of shops in the biggest shopping mall in Turkey. If we tell you that just our December revenue is 150 million then, you can imagine the growth that we reached in the last quarter. The revenue government gets from those sales is about 100 million TL. Hiring increased by 120% compared to last year. Adato also stated that they spent 14 million TL to Research and Development.


Aiming to be the leader of the Sector

CEO’and board member Nak Kyun Chong states that has the most categories among e-commerce sites. provides services that has not been provided before and also sell items that have not been sold on those platforms before. Chong, The market introduction of Market11 that we made with singer and songwriter Halil Sezai, was a great success and in such short time we increased our sales by 300%. For 2015, our goal is to be leader in each and every category. Also Chong mentioned that KOBIs (Small and Medium Size Businesses) are the heart of the Turkish economy and their support that they give to them. We help “KOBİs’ growth with e-commerce. Today from 81 cities suppliers deliver their goods through This is not just a big opportunity for KOBİs to grow but also to be able to sell and purchase bring extra power to the economy.


Inviting the Sector to Transparency again

There are 40 million Internet users in Turkey. There are 12 million people, who shop from the Internet and that this year those sales increased 25% throughout Turkey. Adato stated that: “Unfortunately we can not know and measure officially the real size of a market that big. As we invite the sector to be transparent again. In order to grow the sector and lead the consumers to e-commerce we have to establish trust, transparency and fair competitiveness. We will be able to see the sector’s growth and contribution to the economoy, if other companies in the sector become as transparent as