Xml Integration (Transmitting)

Xml Integration (Transmitting)

Xml transmission with StockMount Xml Integration

Most of the virtual markets and e-commerce sites, which do not use api service, get their products with xml integration. Every virtual market and e-commerce sites has particular standarts about xml integration. You maybe asked to compose field names in Xml files according to certain rules. In those cases doing xml integration for more than one xml file may cause some troubles.

You may use all the xml files taken into the system to make up one xml file with StockMount xml integration. Even if the xml files that are uploaded to the system has different field names and formats, StockMount can publish those files in xml with one format and constant field names. This way you will collect more than one xml files in one xml file and accomplish the integration.

By using StockMount xml publishing wizard, you may publish all the categories taken from more than one xml file or chosen categories in the new xml file that you create. You can adjust all the prices in the new xml file by making some commissioning adjustments in all source files. In the new xml file, field names can be appointed, can be changed or templates can be used.

StockMount publishes xml files, which will be used for xml integration, over its own server. Virtual markets and e-commerce sites, which xml integration is complete, you can reach those xml files anytime of the day without any interruprion.