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StockMount Professional Integration Manager

What Is It?After 1995, because of the increase in the use of Internet, more commercial activities started taking place over the Internet and created a concept, called Electronic commerce or shortly known as e-commerce. The popularity and types of e-commerce is increasing day by day. Many companies and people in Turkey and the World are making their products’ sales over virtual markets such as N11, GittiGidiyor, ePttAvm, SanalPazar, eBay, Amazon, AliBaba etc. When the number of products for sale are not many, it is easy to make sales, following transactions, messaging with customers, updating products’ information and prices on those websites. However, when number of products reach hundreds or thousands, it is almost impossible to make all the transactions for each and every product. It is possible to make all the transactions by using a control panel on the web, making it altogether or classifying with various criteria. In order to accomplish that, the mentioned e-commerce site must provide web service in order to implement the transactions. This is where StockMount steps in. The only thing that the users need after this point is StockMount, in order to complete all transactions with less effort, minimize the time that they spend for these transactions and direct all the sources to sales.

What Is It?StockMount enables people or companies who are dealing with e-commerce to transfer all of their source files (on Xml,Csv etc. format) to these sites, including their product information, stocks, prices, product descriptions and many details about the products. After the first transfer, with StockMount adding new product, product update and deletion processes can be done periodically. A base has been created that users can do all of these operations on a single panel and without any external intervention. Users, who are members of the system via web site, first choose which e-commerce site they are going to be integrated, and then when they enter API information the integration will start. After that they enter the url address of source files, which includes product information, to the system. Stock categories can be matched very easily between e-commerce site and source file. After setting profit rate, shipping type etc., products will be ready for integration.

StockMount not only provides the right and secured integration service, but also helps you to organize all the processes that work on background. Unit prices on your source file can be in different currencies €, $ or TL. StockMount updates all your prices with current rate of currencies. You can set your listing template settings on the basis of general, categories and products. Thus, you can make your arrangements on profit rate, shipping type, shipping price etc. one by one for every product. You can report your order and sale information visually. You can see the highest and the lowest-selling products with one click, you can see in which city you make the most sale and which category you receive returns. You can easily form report analysis like this, in the advanced visual report section.

What Is It?You can manage your messages with customers in virtual marketplaces on StockMount user panel. Also you can see your messages chronologically. So, you do not have to check previous messages with customers one by one. You can input the shipping information for shipped products one by one or altogether. Also, you can have customized label print out for every package and save time in shipping process. You can prepare product bills one by one or altogether on the panel and take a printout.

StockMount does not restrict you on source files. You can enter as many source files as you want into the system. Do you need to add more products? If you like, you can add as many products as you like manually on StockMount user panel. You can arrange product name, category, product price, quantity of stock, product image, product description etc. fields for all the products that come from source file or the products that you create on your own. Thus, you are affected as low as possible by restrictions like product name, number of characters and product description on virtual marketplaces. If you do not have a space on the web for storing your product images, you can utilize from StockMount data storage service. You can export all the information for uploaded products on xml format. If you wish, you can introduce sub-users into the system and create permission definitions for these sub-users.