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Categoty matching wizard, which you are going to use while matching categories, will direct you on this. Category matching process is done according to the category template of virtual marketplace that you have selected. When you write any word on the category, which you want to match, wizard sorts categories that include this word. When you select the best category for you, system shows you mandatory and optional fields to be filled for the related category. After entering specific features like brand, guarantee term, memory amount etc. , you complete the matching by clicking save button.

It is possible to make category matching on the basis of category or on the basis of product with StockMount. For example, when you make a general matching for Notebook category, as you have to enter single value to features like memory, screen size, hard disc capacity in the features section, this choice can have unintended consequences. However, if you make matching on the basis of product, you can match notebooks with i3, i5, i7 operators separately and make more accurate matching.