Trendyol Integration

Trendyol Integration

Product listing and updating processes for products that added from XML, excel files and user panel are so easy now with StockMount Trendyol Integration.

With StockMount-Trendyol integration system, the product listing by using XML links, Excel files or manually added sources on StockMount, controlling the sales, updates and messaging operations are so easy.

In order to do StockMount-Trendyol integration, first you have to have a supplier agreement with Trendyol. Then you have to make Trendyol activate an API account for your store. When you sign up to StockMount, you have to enter your API keys to verify your Trendyol store. Then, you can insert your product source(s) as an XML link, Excel file or manually on StockMount. With listing template, you create options or settings for pricing, delivery, etc.

When you complete these steps, products of yours will be transferred and listed on your Trendyol store with the settings and/or options you have set on StockMount. There will be no need for following all your products, because with automatic updates, StockMount will be doing all of the changes on pricing, stock, products, etc. You can display your orders, prepare your bills and delivery labels and do analysis for your sales. By this system, you can save a lot of time and use it for analysis of your sales and creating a route for increasing your profit.

It is free to use StockMount-Trendyol integration for only one store and up to 750 products!