The collaboration of and Media Markt

The collaboration of and Media Markt

E-Commerce within E-Commerce: and Media Markt collaboration resulted in, Europe’s top electronic store chain Media Markt, Media Markt’s to open its new shop in Turkey’s leading virtual market Gitti Gidiyor.

Media Markt, which opened its first shop on Gitti Gidiyor Virtual market platform, offering its consumers special stock clearance with very good prices, where has not been seen in the sector. Also it is providing fast delivery and special deals to its consumers.

By providing hosting to Media Markt, Gitti Gidiyor also known, as the platform of the platforms is getting strong in electronics market in Turkey and also will host more powerful brands. GittiGidiyor sales director Öget Kantarcı states that we are very happy to continue our relationship with number one electronics brand in Europe, In turkey and as well as globally. We would like to have our consumers to have a new and a better shopping experience with more variety, cheaper prices and a quality service.

This is something that we experience for the first time. Media Markt has its own e-commerce platform but still it is using another platform as an outlet store to sell their products. Media Markt is doing that because it is selling some of the cheaper or older version of the products on another platform and the other products with regular prices on its own platform, this way Media Markt customer will know why they pay regular price and purchase from Media Markt platform and why some products are cheaper on another platform. When one e-commerce site makes sale on another e-commerce site, they both make sale and also manage their customers’ perception.

Source: eticaretmag