Terms of Use

User Agreement

StockMount Terms of Use

1.  Introduction

All rules in this agreement, its annexes and on the panel.stockmount.com site refer the terms and conditions of the services offered through panel.stockmount.com by StockMount.

This contract's annexes and all written procedures, instructions, all other additional documents for the use of the StockMount's services offered on the panel.stockmount.com site will be accepted as an inseparable part of this agreement.

2.  Parties

This agreement has been made between whose user information located in panel.stockmount.com site and/or who purchase the service (hereinafter referred to as user) and StockMount Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi (hereinafter refered to as StockMount) established in accordance with Turkish Law and maintains its existence in Üniversiteler Mah. İhsan Doğramacı Blv. ODTÜ Teknokent Silikon Blok Kat:1 No: 13 Çankaya / Ankara / Türkiye address.

User is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of this agreement when become a member in panel.stockmount.com site.

StockMount and User are referred to as individually "Party", together "Parties". Parties have agreed on the following terms and conditions.

3.  Definitions
: It refers the website having panel.stockmount.com domain name which StockMount offers the services specified in this agreement and which is property belong to StockMount
e-Commerce site
: It refers all e-commerce sites that support web service to list and put up for sale the products and services by User through the Website prepared by StockMount
: It refers publishing, deleting and updating the product and similar applications offered on the Website by StockMount so as to achive User's businesses and operations defined within this contract.
: It refers person or legal entities who purchase the products and services which issue e-commerce sites via Website by User.
: It is a person or legal entities who give User the right to sell and publish its products other e-commerce sites for that who forwards its own list to User in the current formats.
Source File
: It is a file prepared by User or Supplier, having the extension (xml, csv and so on) supported by website, comprise product or service informations that User require to install e-commerce sites.
User Panel
: It refers the panel where User specific pages found that can be accessed by user   name and password idendified by User, which User can perform necessary operations in order to benefit from applications and services offered by StockMount on the Website.
4.  Subject of the Agreement

It constitutes subject of this agreement that stating terms and conditions concerning with the utilization of User from the services offered by StockMount over the Website and in this respect determination of the parties' rights and obligations.

This agreement is just binding between the parties and covers terms and conditions for the services offered to User by StockMount. The relationship between User with Purchasers, User with e-commerce sites and User with Suppliers are not included in the scope of this agreement.

5.  Rights and Obligations of StockMount
  1. The sole owner of any content on the Website will be StockMount. Without any prior written consent of StockMount suppling accessible, using, processing or copying the whole or a part of the content on the Website by User for the commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. User will be continue all the time to have rights on all kinds of announcement, content and visual forwarded through the Website to the e-commerce sites. However User can not use externally on the other websites the ad templates edited using User Panel on the Website. Otherwise, StockMount reserves the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.
  2. If requested User's informations and documents by state authorities, judicial bodies or competent authorities, StockMount will be able to share all of it with the competent authorities
  3. StockMount will keep in a safe environment User's personal or commercial informations provided throughouth the membership and during the registration process. StockMount can use these informations for the purpose of the execution of required applications for operating of the services fully and properly, doing statistical evaluation, advertising and marketing, announcement of StockMount's applications and activities and other purposes and it can just disclose these informations to the third parties for the reason stated above. User accepts and declares that it gives consent to use and storage of its own information by StockMount according to the provisions of this article.
  4. StockMount is entitled to make changes and take all manner of measures if found necessary for the reason that security and for running of Website fully and properly. For this purpose StockMount can be able to change the services and contents offered at any time without any prior notification; close access to the third parties including User the informations and contents which User upload to the system or delete it. StockMount can be able to store, check, follow at any time communication traffic including messaging performed through Website because of both safety and the obligations required by the relevant legislation.
  5. StockMount will always have the right to stop temporarily, suspend or cancel the services by terminating this agreement. These cases will be notified to the User via e-mail by StockMount.  
  6. Without any prior notice, StockMount can be able to change the services to be offered on the Website, campaign details, duration, additional opportunities and specifications. Changes will be effective from the date of publication.
  7. StockMount is responsible for storing package information purchased by User in the database and, if necessary, it will share this information with User. 
6.  Rights and Obligations of User
  1. User, in order to get "User" title, firstly must completely fill out the information required by StockMount on the panel.stockmount.com site. User wins the membership and it is activated when User completes the membership request by accepting this agreement terms and conditions and approves the confirmation e-mail sent by StockMount to its e-mail address entered into the system. StockMount always reserves its rights to claim additional documents and information and/or reject the application of User without showing any reason. User will be personnally responsible for all damages that may arise from giving wrong, untruthful knowledge during the application.
  2. User accepts, declares and undertakes that it will ensure the necessary Source Files of ads published on the e-commerce sites.  User will be liable for all manner of action to be made in User Panel and content of it by using this Source File.
  3. User previously accepts, declares and warrants that StockMount is not any responsibility and User is irrevocably liable for the payments made to the injured third parties and damages to be suffered by StockMount due to trueness, safety, accurracy and appropriateness to law and/or morality of all visual, written and other information/contents of ads published on the e-commerce sites by using Website.
  4. User accepts and undertakes not to publish or not to keep illegal and/or immoral any content on the Website provided field by StockMount, which violates any rights protected in accordance with Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Law or third parties' rights. Otherwise User will be responsible all manner of loss and damage.
  5. User is obliged to notify all changes to be occured in the information given during the application at the latest within 15 days from the date of the occurence of it with a way of return receipt requested post, written warning or support/contact on the Website to StockMount. In case of damages due to not to make this notification, StockMountreserves the right to claim all manner of damages from User.
  6. User accepts, declares and warrants that it is all own responsibility, right and power to sale, offer for sale or publish the services and products on internet and the sale and the exposure of the services and products in ads on the e-commerce sites will not violate any law and/or morality in accordance with the legislation in force and not cause the abuse of the right.
  7. User will never sale or display imitated/fake, requiring permit and/or unpermitted product through the Website on the e-commerce sites. In addition, User will be obliged constantly follow the prohibited content on the e-commerce sites made product list and not to sell or display the products on this list. Should User sell and display the products on this list, it will be the sole drawee of the requests to be directed to StockMount or the demands arising from the violation of copyright and trademark of the third parties due to against the law and morality of these acts. StockMount will be any liability in this sense. User personally accepts, declares and warrants to be responsible against to StockMount irrevocably due to action contrary to provision of this article for damages suffered or the payments made to injured third parties by StockMount. If User acts contrary to the provision of this article, StockMount is entitled to terminate this agreement with justification without paying any compensation and StockMount reserves all compensation rights.
  8. User will create a user name and password while becoming a member of the website and use these informations for performing some other processes and accessing into User Panel. User may create an account for its sub-Users. It determines the user name and password of these Sub-Users.  User is completely responsible for security and privacy of the User and Sub-users' name and password. User waives beforehand to assert the invalidity of the executed operations by accessing over own profile or Sub-User profile on the grounds that unauthorized procedure. Even in such operation, all liability will be User. In case of taking action againts or loss to StockMount by using User or Sub-User password on the e-commerce sites, User accepts, declares and warrants in advance to be responsible irrevocably for the payments made by StockMount to the injured third parties and damages arised from these acts.
  9. User accepts, declares, and warrants not to use the Website in order to access other Users' personal information or download it to its system, change, update, check and create database, record or directory for itself or another person. It is unlawfully to utilize the services outside the usage defined in this agreement and act contrary to the provision of this article by the User. StockMount reserves the right to claim and sue against the losses arising from these usages.  
  10. User is obliged to perform not to harm technically nowise to Website which it executes its activities. User will take all measures relating (including utilizing licensed products and neccessary protective softwares) all information, content, material and other content provided to the Website not to contain any program, virus, software, unlicensed product, trojan horse etc damaged to the system. It accepts, declares and warrants to take measures immediately requested by StockMount for applying this article.
  11. User will be able to benefit from the services depending on the condition the fulfilment actions required and completly specified in this agreement. Fee for the services to be paid to StockMount will be determined with the price list on the Website. Prices at the date when User purchase the package is valid at the end of the package duration. StockMount has the right to make changes over the package prices in this period or at the end. However User will not make any additional payment for its available package until the end of the package duration. At the end of the package duration, User who require to renew its membership or purchase a new package will pay the current fee in the package price list.
  12. User is bound all contents and ads on the e-commerce sites issued through the Website and will be responsible all obligations arising from them. StockMount may terminate, suspend the membership or constantly or temporarily stop the related publication  of ads without any prior notice to User due to violation of the personal and commercial right  of the third parties, detection any risky situation in term of legal, technical and especially information security, composing contrary to the legislation and morality, not compliant with the terms and conditions declared on the Website and rules and conditions in this agreement of the User's activity.
  13. In the event of suspension of the membership or taking blacklist for any reason by removing the membership without taking into StockMount's platform any more, User can not be a member of the Website with another user account. In case of being a member contrary to the provision of this article and determination of the situation, User will be removed from the membership again and it wil be responsible for all damages.
  14. The related changes, service fees and all changes made by StockMount into Website will be binding and enter into force at the date of publication.
7.  Duration

User account is opened with completing of User's registration process and the package to be selected will be active during the service period. The membership can be utilized until the end of the service period of the package selected. At the end of this period if User does not renew its subscription by selecting a new package or pass another package its membership become passive. The membership continues to be active as long as current subscription renewed, the new package purchased and compliant with the terms of this contract. In case of violation of the terms of the contract, StockMount has the right to terminate the agreement unilateraly. In the free membership, if User does not access the Website for 30 days, StockMount reserves the right to take inactive status of User's membership.

8.  Price of the Service

The price of the service provided by StockMount is published on the Website. StockMount may change the service price and service content at any time providing that issue on the Website. Users whose membership are active are not affected these changes until the end of the period of their active package. However, if they purchase a new package or renew the existing package the current service prices and service content will be valid.

9.  Intellectual Property

Website's design, all picture prepared using the Website, html codes, contents, stockMount's logo and trademark belong to StockMount. User can not utilize, share, deliver, display, copy the works subject to intellectual property rights and can not make the derivative works thereof.

10.  Termination of the Contract

Either party may terminate this agreement and its annexes unilateraly. Before the end of the contract period if User terminate this agreement unilateraly, StockMount will not make refund any money. User accepts this situation in advance.

StockMount immediately will be able to abolish the agreement and the membership unilateraly in case of the violation of the agreement and its annexes by User. In this stage, User accepts, declares, warrants to be responsible for any losses and damages suffered and to be incurred of StockMount. 

11.  Disputes

Turkish law will be valid the interpretation and implemantion of this agreement. Any disputes arising from this contract, Ankara courts and executive Offices will be authorized.  

In case of any disputes arising from this agreement, User accepts, declares and undertakes that StockMount's official books and commercial records, its database, electronic informations and computer records held in the server will be binding, final and exclusive and this article is a partake of evidential contract with in the meaning of the Civil Procedure Code's article 193. 

12.  Notification

StockMount will contact with User via e-mail address specified while become a member to the Website. User will communicate with StockMount by using the assistance/contact page. Obligatory cases stated in the law is the exception, sending e-mail to User's registered address on the Website will be deemed as written communication and User will update its e-mail address regularly.