Take Control with Product Management screen

Take Control with Product Management screen

With using the StockMount Product Management Screen, you can make all process about your products, you can list and update your products instantly.

It is possible to perform all operations about your products by using product management screen. Operations you can use this screen:

  • Changing products names individually or collectively
  • Changing subtitles individually or collectively
  • Determine the profit rate of product
  • Determine the profit amount of product
  • Add discounts on products
  • You can view listed and unlisted products
  • You can list your products by one-touch
  • You can update your products by one-touch
  • You can list or unlist your products
  • Enter the product price manually
  • Add shipping cost and using this fees in the profit account
  • Use the rate of marketplace commission on the profit account

You can find explanations for all columns located in the product  management screen, right next to the column header. Product management platform runs separately for stores and products in every store. Adding product and update operations with this screen act immediately on your store. You can also view the error message for failed operations immediately and you can repeat your operations after making the arrangements.

While accounting profit of products, it is assumed that the cost price of the product is selected product price.Shipping fees, profit rates, extra amounts are added to this price then extraction shiping fees and category commission,profit amount and rate will be shown. When you write the profit rate you want to have or the profits of your products, listing template is created automatically based on the values that you wrote here.

It is possible to add your discounts in this platform, individually or collectively. It is important to using listing template management screen for determine collectively discounts. Listing template is created for each product in batches operations in listing template management screen.

You can make adding or deleting operations collectively to your products names or subtitles. You can use batch processing for this. You can change the subtitles and product names in a word or with another word like adding items to the end and the begining of the product.

StockMount wishes you success in your e-Commerce life.