StockMount Sales - Sales Details

In this video you will be given information about StockMount Sales Detail Screen.

In this video you will be given information about StockMount Sales Detail Screen.

Sales in the detail screen list of sales records or details of the selected record is displayed.

Detail of code in the sales order, order history and order status can be displayed in the virtual marketplace.

Customer name in the Customer Details section, the user name in the customer's virtual marketplace, city and phone number can be displayed. Users clicking on behalf of the customer sent a message via virtual marketplaces. If clicking on phone numbers or SMS messages sent WhatsApp.

Address and Shipping Address registered address of the customer and the delivery address can be displayed and edited in parts. If the address is also referred to these two addresses is specified by the customer will be the same.

Information on products sold in the Products section are displayed. If you have more than one customer's order in this section are listed under the other. If the sales list beg "-" removed using the mark. If Kdv rate defined in the Product source appears in this section. Or it can be added or changed manually.

Bulk cargo shipping information can be entered for a single button orders are shipped with the button or cargo shipment information can be entered individually for each product.

Notes can be added to print shipping labels with special notes or billing section. Shipping label on the bottom right of the screen "tag" can be printed by clicking the button.

If the bill preparation process is carried out in a system other than StockMount invoiced orders "Invoiced" it may be marked. If the bill prepared in StockMount "Bill" individual or collective billing invoice can be printed by clicking on the button can be added to the print list. When you are finished "Batch print invoices" bill added to the list of all orders can be printed with the button.

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