StockMount Sales - Message

In this video you will be given information about Sales Messages screen.

In this video you will be given information about Sales Messages screen.

Messages tab to customers through the virtual marketplace, or whatshapp used to send SMS messages. WhatsApp to send SMS messages or credits must be purchased from the Account section.

To some in the customer's name, last name and user name information is displayed. Subject to the topic of messages should be written.

Enter the phone number that the customer's address information, the system will send messages to registered mobile phone number. If you are not registered and known by the phone mobile phone users can send a message by entering this section. Phone number for sending messages input is not necessarily normal.

Note that the section will not be seen by customers will benefit domestic usage notes can be written.

The message text can be utilized as part of the pre-built templates that can be entered manually. Detailed information about creating a template and use the "message template" can be obtained from training videos.

After creating the message "Send" button pressing sent messages via the customer virtual marketplaces. "Mobile Message" button on the client's message is sent to the mobile phone only when pressed. According to the types of credits purchased selected mobile messages when the message is sent. If both SMS and WhatsApp credits received before if the system tries to send a message is automatically sent to the customer does not use SMS to WhatsApp.

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