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Training videos


In this video you will be given information about how to use XML publishing screen which is located under settings menu.

Owing to aspect of XML publishing of one or a few product resources which are added to StockMount, a single Xml can be created. In order to use this aspect, it should be put in pocket and in order to apply.

For applying Xml publishing, at first a name is given to publishing Xml. After checked active box, save button is clicked. At first step, in opened a wizard the product resources which will be published and will be used in Xml are selected and the next button is clicked.

In the second step, from each product resources the categories which will be published and will be took place in Xml are selected. As each category can be selected, only selected categories or categories other than those listed above can be published in XML. In the third step, the name of fields which will be publish and used in Xml are defined. And also the minimum number of stock and the maximum number of images for the products which will be published can be selected.

In last step, after definition in the prices on the resources the rate of profit and Additional amount for each product resources, by clicking on save button Xml can be published. The address of publish Xml can be found here.

StockMount wishes you a great success in your e-commerce life...