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Training videos


In this video you will be given general information about how to use the File Uploader screen which is located under setting menu.

The type of the folders which will be uploaded here can be product resources and also image folders about the products. Especially when the product is added to StockMount, for each added product at least one link of image must be added. The images of products of the users who has not hosted on the web, can use the data storage aspect of StockMount.

If it is desired the adding documents, first by creating folders and copying to them or if it is desired they can be uploaded directly under the folder.  To upload a folder the add folder button is pressed and the folder which is wanted to be uploaded is selected. Then by pressing start uploading button uploading the selected document is done. If you want to clear the uploaded documents, by selecting the folder clear the selected button is pressed.

StockMount wishes you a great success in your e-commerce life…