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Training videos

In this video you will be given general information about how to use the information part which is located under the setting menu.

The users of StockMount even when they haven’t bought SMS credits and a new sale occurs and when the cargo information is entered in the system, can send SMS to their customers or the determined phone.

For this means, by pressing on add new button a new rule can be added. For organized rule, at first, store, informing type, customer and the rule selections are done. After doing these selections, if you wish, by selecting the choices on the system the text which will be sent, can be determined.

Then after selecting the days and the hours that the rule will be used, by pressing on save button the application is finished.

After this moment in days and between hours when the situation which is determined in this rule is happened if the customer has given his phone number in virtual market, SMS will be sent automatically. For the same rule a template can be created to apply in different days and different hours.

StockMount wishes you a great success in your e-commerce life…