SanalPazar Integration

SanalPazar Integration

Creating xml for "SanalPazar" and keeping product information up-to-date are so easy now with StockMount.

With StockMount, you can use two methods to list your products on SanalPazar:

To perform SanalPazar integration with the Xml Integration method, you should do the following: become a member on the StockMount system, introduce the source files (Xml, excel etc.) that include your products to the system, use the category mapping tool to match your categories in a fast way and lastly, you can adjust your notice template settings. After you are done with the above procedure, the Xml file that's been arranged in accordance with the SanalPazar categories and the template settings that you indicated will be prepared by StockMount Xml tool. Since the Xml that's prepared will be updated automatically every day, you will not have to keep track of the new products, removed products from the SanalPazar, price of the products, amount of stock etc. StockMount will keep track of it all for you.

By using the API Integration method, you don't only list and update your products, but can also use the Sales and Messages sections. Thanks toSanalPazar API integration, all your sales will be listed in StockMount management panel. You can enter shipping data and make out an invoice for the sales that's been realized. Your sales get categorized and filtered out in conformity with the e-marketplace criteria. By using the message handling system on StockMount management panel, you can display and reply to the messages from your SanalPazar customers

Also with StockMount, "SanalPazar" integration for 1 store and 750 products is free..!