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Training videos


In this video you will be given information about StockMount Sales Marks and Colors.

Sales records in the list are listed in two main colors. Blue records are records that have not yet content is displayed. Those who previously viewed content are white. If the selected order is displayed in gray. All sales of the selected customer will be displayed when clicking on a sales order in the list. If you have more than one customer's entire order is automatically selected, optionally be removed from the selection.

Order code given by the virtual marketplace in the upper right corner of sales records is displayed just below the date of order. User name in the customer's virtual marketplace by converting knowledge StockMount Name and Surname shown here. Besides the sales realized in the product name and the number in the parentheses indicates the quantity of the product in order red color.

It prepared the bill in order to be seen in the upper left corner of every sales record information that preparation. Unbilled mark appears in the upper left corner of the screen while the order and description, and description of these signs appear in invoiced orders. StockMount system is prepared to order or invoice from the "Flag as Invoiced" Pressing signs and descriptions are removed automatically.

StockMount wishes you a great success in your e-commerce life...