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Training videos


In this video product you will be given information about how to use the Integration Product screen.

To achieve this display "Product" menu under "Integration Product" input is made section. Product supply of the product supply section is selected. You can switch between the left upper parts of the pages, how many items can be selected to be displayed on each page. Number of products were imported from the source file system can be displayed in this section. Although you can sort by any column header again displayed in the table it can also filter by any column. After searching and filtering to do the search and filtering criteria it can be cleared by pressing the Clear button.

The information about the product in the Status column shows the status of the product source. From the first time the system products from the "new" designation. The next update of this product, depending on the source "Changed", "Not Changed" or "Deleted" is marked. If the resource is deleted from the source added products in the future again "Readded" designation.

The column or columns to the right side of the table shows the store in the user's virtual marketplace. Each store the name of the column where, in the case of the products in the store are displayed source related products. Products listed in this section if it is located in the store number on the product's announcement about the virtual marketplace. The ad appears on the product's virtual marketplace clicking on this number. Products listed in this section is not "NON" expression takes place.

If the desired product not listed in this part of the virtual marketplace "unlist" option can be selected. In this way the products are removed from store about marked the first update.

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