Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

StockMount Confidentiality Agreement

This statement contains the policy of's (Haser Bilgisayar Sistemleri ve Yazılım İnşaat Taahhüt ve Müşavirlik ve İç ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi) secrecy. You are deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions by visiting requests some of your personal information during the membership phrase or afterwards. As team, maintaining the privacy and protecting your personal information are our first priority. Therefore, the information which you have given will be not used outside the purposes and rules specified in the Membership Agreement and it will be not shared with the third parties.

In order to identify the system problems and solving them as quickly as possible, determines and utilizes User's IP address when necessary.  IP addresses may use the purpose of collecting the extensive demographic information and describing them in a general way. 

It is required to you give your contact information ( name, surname, e-mail address, your phone number, postal address and your IP access information given from sites which you install) for the registration and order forms and in the questionnaires. In addition, your credit card information will be requested for only one use without saving in the purchase order form. Your personal information above mentioned will be utilized to start your membership, submit the products and services, perform the payments, give the information regarding with our integration services, contact with you for marketing the products and services, update your information, manage your membership and continue it, suggest products and services which you may be interested in and ensure fulfillment technical, logistic and other similar functions of the third parties on behalf of us.

From the moment become a member of, unless otherwise requested from you, daily and weekly notification e-mails will be sent to your e-mail address. Whenever you want, you have the right to make changes these e-mails and restart or give up the service. These e-mails content include information concerning with the package which you purchased, third parties advertisements and other similar information.  Demographic information is used to adapt our site according to interest of our User. These information can be shared with advertisers only with other User's information in order to ensure adaptation to target group of the ads. It is not given any personal information in these information and it is just used for classification and making some interference regarding with User's trends as group.

Your credit card information asked in the payment page is not saved on the and the server of the company provided service in order to keep our dear valued costumer's security in the highest level. In this way all transactions for payment are performed between the bank and your computer over the interface of

Your all credit card and personal information are encrypted with internet security standard 128 bit SSL secure system. Thus, it has been prevented to seize your information by undesirable people and entities in any way during their internet roaming.

The content of this agreement is accepted by User. User accepts to be sent all kinds of e-mails to its e-mail address and it is agreed to be used its information as specified in the content of the StockMount User Agreement and this agreement

You can send e-mail for all kinds of questions and suggestions concerning with our privacy policy from the contact section on the website.

You can ensure your membership cancellation making process through the membership cancellation option on the