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Each e-store you have in e-commerce platforms or each e-commerce website you have integrated is defined and counted as a "store" in your StockMount package. For example, 

if you have 2 stores in GittiGidiyor, 1 in n11 and 1 in HepsiBurada and will use StockMount integration for all, it means that 2 + 1 + 1 = 4 stores you have.

Each store you added is priced seperately. This pricing depends on whether you are purchasing the package monthly or annually.

For monthly purchases:

First store you added to your package is 59.90 TL, other stores after this is 49.90 TL.

For annual purchases:

First store you added to your package is 49.90 TL, other stores after this is 39.90 TL. So there is a 10 TL discount for each month's payment. Also, you gain one month free usage extra to your 12-month package.

StockMount is an R&D company which is operating in METU Technopark. That is why it has a VAT exemption. StockMount bills the integration services with "zero" VAT.

XML Transmitting has two sub-features. One of them is exporting it from StockMount to external environments, the other one is preparing and receiving information via that XML to use on StockMount.

Products that are uploaded by one or more product source on StockMount can be exported as one XML file to external environments. In that XML file, price increase or decrease rates can be set. XML tag areas can be edited. XML Transmitting being an extra feature can be purchased as wished and XML files can be published as the number of purchased feature.

The other condition of XML exporting is using it for StockMount. This feature is used for non-standard XML files to be transferred into suitable versions for StockMount or more than one XML files to be gathered in one XML. Unsuitable XML files can be transferred by this feature and added to system.

When a StockMount account must be used by more than one person, subuser feature can be helpful. Each subuser you add on system can login by his/her own password. Actual account owner as admin can authorize those subusers one by one. Authorizations such as "read", "write" and "delete" for each and every screen on StockMount panel can be assigned to all or some of subusers. For example, one subuser can only manage messages and the other one can deal with sales screen.

This feature helps you to manage and correctly use SMS that will be sent to customers and you by StockMount. You can send them by choosing the buyer from Sales or Messages screen and add a text manually, also you can do it by using already prepared templates. It is possible to send automatic SMS besides manual ones. When there is a new order and shipment information added to that, you can set notification rules to be run according to templates and to date and time. By this way, automatic SMS can be sent. Information such as customer name-surname, store name, order code, product name, shipping company, shipment follow up code etc. are filled automatically. So there is no need to write them again and again.

Competetive analysis helps you to view which prices your competitors sells the same or identical products and, if needed, to change and update your prices accordingly. You can view the related product according to increasing price ranking. Your product is also in that ranking, so it helps you to see your position among them and to update your price instantly, if needed.

100 Competetive Analyses Credit is on StockMount for each new member. Besides that, competetive analyses feature can be purchased as either 500 credit or unlimited monthly usage.

The e-store expenditures are NOT included in StockMount fees.


You can check the corporate websites of those marketplaces for listing prices, commision rates, store fees etc.

These standard services are Dashboard, Sales, Messages, Integration, Listing, Product and User menus.

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