Online Shopping - Credit Card Confirmation

Beginning from 17.08.2017, due to the responsibility of consumer protection by BRSA, credit or debit cards are not going to be active for online transactions.

The growing online financial transactions due to the development of e-commerce had also brought some issues such as phishing, hacking of credit cards and having unwanted payments, etc. According to Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, on 17th of August, 2017 a six-month period of preparation of a necessary infrastructure, informing consumers and collecting responses of them is going to be completed. Edit: Mehmet Ali Akben, Head of Banking Regulation and SuperVision Agency, announced that the completion of this period is on 31th December, 2017.

For current active credit cards, there must be a confirmation for active usage. After 17th August, 2017 a new credit card will be deactive for online transactions, if the customer wants the credit card to be active, they will have to contact with customer services of the related bank.


StockMount membership fees are paid online on StockMount panels. The users of StockMount with an online transaction-confirmed credit card are going to be able to extend their memberships' and continue making their e-commerce processes easier! We would like to inform our users who did not confirm their credit cards for online transactions on getting in touch with their banks in order to stay connected to StockMount.