n11.com is executing

n11.com is executing

n11.com is going to start limiting the number of products listed on a n11.com store. This execution will be on mid-July for the stores which has more than 5000 products.

n11.com, one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces, announced that it is going to put a limit on the number of products that could be exhibited free of charge in stores. Announced that, there will be a charge,which will take effect from mid-July, for the stores displaying more than 5000 products. 


You can check the official announcement by n11.com below:


"Dear Business Partner,

Starting by mid-July, in order to increase the quality of products and services on n11.com, the number of products can be listed on each store is going to be limited by 5000.

The 5000 products which are ordered at least once and are the most up-to-date of the stores list more than the limit is going to remain. Status of the products exceeding the limit is going to be updated as "Out of Limit" and those are not going to be on sale/listed. If the store would like to list them again, after a purchase of Listing Package, the products will be listed again.

The stores list less than the limit is not going to be affected by this application and products of them are going to remain as they are.

We are going to share the details about the Listing Packages in the following days.