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N11 Integration

It is very easy to do listing, sales, update and messaging for products, which are added from xml and excel files and from the user panel with StockMount N11 integration.

In order to do N11 integration by using StockMount Professional Integration Manager, first you have to open an api account on your N11 for your e-shop or e-shops. Once you become a member to StockMount system, you have to enter the api information given to you by N11 to the system. Following that, you identify your source files (Xml, excel etc.), which contain your product information, to the system. By using our category matching wizard you can do the matching quickly and then you adjust your publishing template settings.

Once you complete those steps, your products will automatically be transferred to N11 system with the conditions that you determined. You will not have to follow the new products, products removed, prices, stock quantities etc. because daily aupdate will be done automatically. StockMount will follow all these transactions for you. In the meantime, you can observe your orders, manage your messages, prepare your bills and you can do your sales analysis by using StockMount user panel. This way you can use the time that you save by StockMount to analyze your sales and increase your income.

Besides, N11 integration with StockMount for 1 store and 750 products is free

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