StockMount Market

StockMount Market,
is the first platform of Turkey which gathers
e-commerce store owners and suppliers.

Who can use¿

Anyone who wants
to involve in e-commerce

Who is having hardship
to find products to sell

Who does not have
any opportunity to stock or ship

Who has e-stores
on e-commerce sites.

StockMount Market

You do not have to pay anything for using Market.

It is free to use FreeMount and MarketMount packages. Users who are members of those packages can list products on their e-stores without fee.

Our paid-membership users also can list Market products without fee.

No, you do not need to pre-pay.

After you list products of suppliers on your e-commerce stores, when there is an order, you purchase it from supplier on StockMount panel. After purchasing, order information is transferred to supplier and supplier ships the product to the end user.

Yes, you can choose which products to sell on your e-stores.

You can view suppliers and their products and by evaluating the service conditions, shipment fees and return and exchange procedures, you can choose and put the products of suppliers that are suitable for you on sale.

The free-membership users can list their products on n11, GittiGidiyor, HepsiBurada, SanalPazar, ePTT AVM and Akakçe e-commerce sites.

The paid-membership users can list on the platforms mentioned above and also on their e-commerce websites.

Yes, you can be both a seller and a supplier.

While you are selling your own products from your stores on e-commerce platforms, you can list your products as a supplier for Market and also can sell other suppliers’ products in your stores.

Become a member of StockMount now, involve in Market easily via StockMount panel.

Choose the products you want to sell from Market.

Choose the store/stores you want to sell those.

Category mapping are automatically copied, you do not need to spend time on that.

Prepare product prices and listing conditions based on store(s).

Let the products automatically be listed.

View the order on StockMount panel when it is sold.

Purchase product in StockMount by using online payment.

Let order information automatically be transferred to supplier when it is purchased.

Let supplier ship the product to the end user

Follow the shipment status of orders on StockMount panel.

Bill the end user, so does the supplier to you.

You can send messages or files to suppliers on StockMount panel

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