Integration Systems

StockMount Professional Integration Manager’s main job is to do integration. This integration can be done in several ways; it can happen between StockMount users e-shops (virtual market e-shops, e-commercesites etc.) and actual shops, or users identified Xml files (sources allowed to be used by users allowed by Xml suppliers) and with e-shops.

All the information between the StockMount Professional Integration Manager and these points is gathered in the same system. StockMount users can manage more than one users, more than one e-shops and more than one product source on one screen. This way, all sales, messaging, shipment, analysis, billing, and all other transactions can be managed easily on one screen. StockMount Professional Integration Manager users can automatically update daily, all they need, after doing identification once for all e-shops, product addition, product deletion, product update, price update and stock quantity update.

The Virtual Markets that you can do update with StockMount are listed below.

API Integrations

Application Integrations

Other Integrations