Integration – Category Matching

In this video you will be given information about StockMount Category Matching.

In this video you will be given information about StockMount Category Matching.

First, the Integration menu "Category Matching" option is selected. Category pairing which will be held from the top shops and product source is selected. Paired and unpaired part of the case can be filtered categories all categories can be displayed.

Product categories from the drop-down list at the bottom welding is shown in blue. In the text box below each blue colored category included the category of virtual marketplace where the store is selected. Unpaired categories for this text box will appear blank. Category pairing can be done in two ways. In the first method, the parser can be listed source categories of products from all categories of this word is now written a word selection box and can be done. In the two methods of each category on the right side blue color "category list Show" category by clicking on the button can be selected manually. After the category is selected, if required by the selected categories for virtual marketplaces "Status", "Warranty", "Warranty Period" such as features, press the green button on the selected record.

The same process is done for all categories required to be published in the virtual marketplace. Pairing done under the product categories and the virtual marketplace will not be published.

It can be done if desired in some product categories can also be made on the basis of pairing categories. This is the top of the screen to "Product Tab" must be selected. Editing tab will be opened in the category by pressing the blue button on the right side of the bottom line after selecting the list of products can be displayed. Pairing for product categories to be selected here is done in a manner previously described.

Mapping integration performed before the product is controlled on the basis of categories. Product mapping for mapping certain category or categories are considered.

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