Huge investment to shopping leader!

Huge investment to shopping leader!

Abraaj group made an investment to, which has more than 1 billion TL revenue and it is the biggest e-commerce company in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa (EEMEA) and Russia region. Abraaj group purchased 25% of the total shares of the company. With this purchase will keep growing in e-commerce sector.

European digital market started the week with a surprise partnership news coming from Istanbul. The biggest e-shopping company in Middle East and Balkans hs agreed to a partnership with Abraaj group, which has been growing rapidly in Asia and Latin America market. Abraaj group known for its investments in global markets purchased 25% shares of the Turkey’s leader e-commerce platform The biggest e-commerce company in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa (EEMEA) and Russia region,, with its more than more than 1 billion TL revenue, provides anything that customers need at one point. With this agreement’s wind, it will speed up the process of operation center, information technology, CRM and mobile shopping investments. continues its operation under Dogan Online and it provides over 500,000 items in more than 30 categories to its customers.

15 MILLION VISITORS PER MONTH, which provides goods and services to 15 million people every month, has been developed by second generation of Dogan family member Hanzade Doğan Boyner. The company has gained great success in the last 10 years and increased its revenue by 25 times., Abraaj Group partnership first will open its new operation center in Gebze built on 100,000 m2 total land area. Right now they deliver more than 1 million item out of 5 warehouses. When they start the operation in September 2015 in Gebze, they will do consolidation in all items. The new center will be the biggest and the most technological warehouse investment in e-commerce area in Turkey.


"On click shopping" shopping service provided its customers to shop without entering credit card information on every time you make a purchase. They provided its customers 7 days a week ‘Same day delivery with appointment service’. Soon they will start the customer custom offers system. This way they wil divert customer spending habit from traditional to online.


The Chairman of the Board of Hanzade Doğan Boyner stated that provides its customers whatever they need with competitive prices and extra services. “We make sure to provide our customers a quality and an easy shopping experience. In May 2015 we will commission our market platform. Our market platform will expedite the transformation of the retail sale sector and we will service third party sellers. We will still lead the mobile shopping. At the same time in May 2015 responsive (platform independent) site will meet our customers. This way, will gain automatic flexibility in computer, pad, phone and other screens. In 2014 we increased our mobile revenues by 3 times. Mobile shopping will still play important role in our growth. Abraaj’s successful investments in Turkey, experience in growing businesses made its natural partner. The market in Turkey will still be our priority but with our partner’s help we will expand to neighboring countries.