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Meeting the customer satisfaction is the hardest but the most important factors on e-commerce. Customers want to be informed instantly on every stage of their orders after their purchasing transaction on virtual marketplaces. Also, when they ask a question to seller, they want to receive a reply as soon as possible. StockMount users can see their customers’ messages instantly, which sent from virtual marketplaces and reply them either on virtual marketplace or via SMS messages. They can send messages faster and neatly by using message templates and automatically add information, like customer name, order code, and shipping tracking number through these templates.

With renewed automatic SMS system, StockMount users can set their own rules and execute automatic SMS sendings. When new order comes or shipping information is entered, customers can be informed with automatic SMS. More than one rule can be made on the system and which rule is going to work at which day of the week and which hours of the day can be determined. Thus, StockMount users both bring out more institutional look to their e-shops and increase customer satisfaction by keep their customers informed in the fastest possible way.

For example, same day shipping and the following day shipping rules can be transferred to SMS. Hypothetically, a StockMount user places orders which come until 15:00 to shipping in the same day until 18:00, gives orders which come after 15:00 to shipping in the following day until 13:00. In that case, it is enough to make two rules in order to keep customers informed automatically.

In the first rule, by selecting 00:00 – 15:00 hour range, a text here in below can be written for incoming orders that come between that hour range:

"Hello [CustomerName],

Your order has been taken. Thank you for choosing our shop. Your order will be shipped today until 18:00.

Your Shop Name"

Thus, for every order that come between that hour range, you can send an information message by addressing customer’s name and last name (Customer name and last name are written automatically to the section written CustomerName.)

For the second rule, a text can be prepared as it is written below between 15:00 – 00:00 hour range.

"Hello [CustomerName],

Your order has been taken. Thank you for choosing our shop. Your order will be shipped tomorrow until 13:00.

Your Shop Name"

It is possible to diversify these rules. Custom rules can be made for weekends and holidays. Rules can be taken into active and passive mode. Customer Name, Shop Name, Courier Company, Shipping Tracking No and Order Code information can be added to messages automatically.