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Product source files on Xml or Excel format are added to StockMount on Product Source section, which is located under the Integration menu.

To upload Product source on Xml format which is more common, click on “Add New” button on this section. On the opened page, enter a name for a product source and a default product stock. ( on some Xmls, stock quantity is not stated in numbers. Only the information of whether it is in stock or not appears. On these cases, default product amount is written on products’ stock quantity by the system.) When this two information is entered and clicked on save button, they are added on product source list. Click on the “Review” button that is located on the far right. On the opened page, it is needed to match the required fields for StockMount with fields on Xml. It is important to add these fields correctly in terms of publishing products correctly.

Besides the mandatory fields that are wanted by StockMount, if it is on the Xml, optional fields can be matched too. Mandatory fields and their possible equivalents listed below:

Products (as the equivalents can be similar words like “ürünler”,“products”, it can be a totally different word. It is the word that is identified as “Root item” in general and the word that take place on the top row of Xml fields.)

Product (equivalent words can be similar words like “ürün”,“product”, it can be a totally different word. It is the “Root item” on the second row of the general list.)

Product Code (equivalent words can be “ürün kodu”, “product code”, “product id”, “ürün id” or similar words.)

Product Name  (equivalent words can be “ürün adı”,“product name”, “name” or similar words.)

Price (equivalent words can be “fiyat”, “price”, “satış fiyatı”, “sale price”. In some cases, more than one price information can take place in Xml. StockMount accepts the price that you have determined here as VAT inclusive purchasing price.)

Description (equivalent words can be “açıklama”, “detay”, “description”, “ürün açıklaması” , “details”.)

Quantity (equivalent words can be “stok miktarı”, “adet”, “miktar”, “quantity”, “stock”.)

Image1 (equivalent words can be “resim”, “resim1”, “büyük resim”, “image”.)

Category Name1 (equivalent words can be “”kategori”, “kategori1”, “ ana kategori” , “category 1”. It represents the upmost category in categories in Xml. If there are more than one category stage on Xml, in spite of not being mandatory in StockMount the other category stages must be filled.)

After completing matchings for all of these fields properly, identification needs to be done at shop source section.