How to Add Product Source - Integration

In this video, you will be given information about the first step of importing product source: Adding the product source.

In this video you will be given information about product StockMount product supply source will be the first operation will be adding information about the identification process.

For this operation, “” address to log in with a user name and password. Integration of the menu items are entered into the source page. Clicking the Add New button. Product name is written to be used to supply the section name. The default amount of product inventory information on a product to be used for unspecified XML s. The stock quantity of the product in some XML file is not specified. Instead, information is not given location is out of stock. The default value product inventory of the articles of this type of product from XML to provide the number of listed stocks with the default specified in the virtual marketplace. When this value is filled, XML will be used when information comes from inventory, stock information will be used when arriving. Save by pressing the button operation is complete.

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