HepsiBurada Integration

HepsiBurada Integration

It is very easy to do product updates and tracking sales, which are added from xml and excel files and from the user panel with StockMount HepsiBurada integration.

With StockMount Professional Integration Manager, you can update your product’s price and stock informations in your HepsiBurada store, manage your sales and print your invoices from StockMount administration panel. To use HepsiBurada integration, first you must have a store in HepsiBurada. If you own a store,it is enough to activate your Api Account with request for authorization on behalf of StockMount Api integration from HepsiBurada

The steps you follow after your api account is activated will vary depending on the status of your store in HepsiBurada.

If you have products that are listed in your HepsiBurada store;

You should activate your product resources for your HepsiBurada store. Then you take products from your store to StockMount. Products in resources and products in your store are automatically matched. If there is unpaired products you match them by using our wizard. After this moment your product’s stocks are automatically updated from the source of products.Prices of your products are updated in your store on an increase or decrease in price based on resource price that you specify. If you want to add new product it is enough to send XML by creating HepsiBurada format over StockMount. Using the same matching method for new added products to your store, you can keep up to date your products.

If you have not yet list product in your HepsiBurada store;

You should activate source files containing the items you want to list in your store for HepsiBurada. Then you can automatically create Xml with HepsiBurada format over StockMount and share it with HepsiBurada. The EAN code must take place in the file you want to share. Otherwise, the file containig the products will not be processed by HepsiBurada. After HepsiBurada catalog team add suitable products in your store, they taken to StockMount. Your products is alraedy created of source files, Store – Source match will automatically occur. Stock quantities and prices of your products will continue to be updated on the source basis.

Moreover, HepsiBurada integration is free for 1 store and 750 product with StockMount ..!