Government will establish Virtual markets for KOBIs

Government will establish Virtual markets for KOBIs

A new action came from the government to support the Internet entrepreneurship. The aim of that action is to establish virtual markets to improve and develop the commerce among KOBİs and also with consumers.

According to the 2015-2018-information society report that has been prepared by the DEVELOPMENT Ministry. The new steps will be taken in order to gain more from the Internet technology presents. The encouragement of Internet entrepreneurship will be among important agendas of the economy. A program will start to finance and provide help for Internet enterpreneurs at the beginning level. This program will be observed and evaluated regularly.


In order to encourage local and enthusiastic internet companies to enter the market, which will also provide employment opportunities, a center will be established to support early developing companies and KOBIs in finance, consulting and infrastructure.

Support cannot be reached

According to the plan, internet enterpreneurships in Turkey encounter serious obstacles in getting financial support and consulting services. Those prevent early developing internet companies from becoming companies and organized institutions. This causes the innovative ideas to die before they are even born.
- Internet entrepreneurship support centers will be established  
- Experts’ pool will be established; the type of support that will be provided, coverage of support, amount and conditions will be determined and classified.  
- Virtual Market places will be established in order to improve the commerce from KOBIs to consumers and also the commerce among KOBIs  

Legal Measures will be taken

- All legal and technical measures and actions will be taken in order to support that program and make sure it will work.
- In order to make the Internet Enterpreneurs’ virtual payment easier, Government banks will be encouraged legally to provide virtual POS access to KOBIs