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Training videos


In this video you will be given information about how to become a member in GittiGidiyor and how to open a store.

At first step you have to enter to this address web page. After clicking top of the page “Kayıt Ol” (Register) button the screen that displays the information that must be approved by the member. The required information must be filled in part on the right side of the registration page. The information contained should ensure that the correct input is entered. GittiGidiyor, an activation email will be sent to the e-mail address here to complete the enrollment process. After the information is filled in the “Kayıt Ol” (Register) button is clicked.

After that the “Kayıt Ol” (Register) button is pressed, the screen that displays the information that must be approved by the membership process will be GittiGidiyor. Go to the inbox for a specified email address. From GittiGidiyor "Üyelik Onay" (Membership Approve) on the mail drop. In the post "Üyeliğimi Onaylıyorum" (My Membership I agree) button is clicked. In the pop-up browser window requested by GittiGidiyor “yaşadığınız yer” (where you live), “doğum tarihi” (birthday) and “cinsiyet” (gender) information is entered. Thus GittiGidiyor registration process is completed.

In the screen “Dükkân Aç” (Stores Open) button is clicked. Here is populated parts store name and store presentation text. All customers have to be an impressive part of the contents of this article so the store name and store presentation is important. After selecting the type and duration of Stores credit card information is entered into and payments made clickable button. Virtual store in GittiGidiyor is now ready for use.

StockMount wishes you a great success in your e-commerce life…