General Features

General Features of StockMount Professional Integration Manager

StockMount Professional Integration Manager enables you to control all of your processes on one panel with the features that contains within itself. It enables you to add products from your source files, make category and variant settings and if you wish, you may add products manually that is not in the source files. You can manage your messages with virtual marketplaces and your customers, edit your shipping information, prepare your bills and packet labels. With Standard and advanced reportings, you can make all the analyses for your sales. By using advertisement template, you can make your commission and shipping rates on the basis of product source, category and product. You can store your image files and source files by using data storage service. You can make custom adjustments with HTML content robot. You can create xml files according to your own criterias for products that you have uploaded to StockMount system with Custom Xml Creating system. You can keep being informed about your new orders and messages with Instant Notification system. Also, you can make all of those on one panel for all of your e-commerce sites and e-shops.

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