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Training videos


In this video you will be given general information about how can be customized widget in the StockMount Dashboard.

In the upper-right corner of each widget has been added to the dashboard, there is the obvious point that the buttons of the widget. The style of widget with the help of these buttons, the width of the screen display order and visibility can be edited. It also means it is possible to close the loop.

In the Style section election will change the widget's color and appearance. The width of the area to be covered on the screen using the width of the widget compartment can be determined. To change the location on the screen of the widget on the widget as it would be enough to drag and drop tool "down" and "up" move button can also be used.

Hiding the part of the explanation clicked clicking on widget and tools that can be displayed graphically displayed to display the details would be possible as the clicked portion is also possible.

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