Competition Is Very Easy With StockMount

Competition Is Very Easy With StockMount

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors by Using StockMount Competitive Analysis...

You can perform some instant competition inquiry on platform and products basis with competitive analysis screen. You can see your ranking and product price list for the same products which are listed by your competitors. If you wish you may interfere with your product’s price on the same screen, and change the selling price of your product instantly.

Price changes that performed in competitive analysis screen are reflected instantly on your products. You can reach easily your products that you want to consistently compete by adding static list. You can create multiple static list and questioning on these list by grouping your products. If you wish you may reach the product you are searching with product code, product name or ads number (integration code) and perform competitive questioning.

Queries on competitive analysis screen works by product name. If you want, you can run competitive analysis by typing keyword or phrase that you want to query in the box below the product name. At the end of the analyze, you can view rank of your product, competitors’ products prices, ads, shop scores, products images and shipping forms. You can filter published ads in “Receiver Pays” and “Dealer Pays” in query results. For update your product’s price, it is enough to write the price you want to publish and click the button of “Price Update”.

 Competitive analysis screen works in two ways. You can use this analysis by purchasing credit or monthly unlimited questioning.

StockMount wishes you a great success in your e-commerce life …