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Training videos


In this video you will be given information about StockMount packages and Package Selection.

After entering address, go to “Prices” section on the menu. Four Standard package of StockMount are available. These are:

FreeMount, MiniMount, SuperMount and MegaMount.

Contents of all messages are stated in that page. FreeMount is a service package that can be used for 750 products and one store for free. As all packages except FreeMount are used during membership term, FreeMount doesn’t have a limit about membership term.

Option about membership term can be made on the top-right hand corner of the screen. One month in one-year option, three month in two-year option is given as a gift. When you click “Purchase” button for any package on this screen, you are directed to address. Package customizing and purchasing transactions are done here.

StockMount wishes you a great success in your e-commerce life...