BiteneKadar Integration

BiteneKadar Integration

StockMount BiteneKadar Integration

With StockMount-BiteneKadar integration system, the product listing by using XML links, Excel files or manually added sources on StockMount, controlling the sales and updates are too easy.

In order to do StockMount-BiteneKadar integration, first you need to contact with BiteneKadar to have an API account for your BiteneKadar store(s). After that, you need to enter the API information to your StockMount panel. You also should save your product soures (XML, Excel, etc.) or you can add your products manually on StockMount. By using the category mapping wizard, you can complete category mapping procedure rapidly and finally, you can set your listing template(s).

When you complete all these steps above, your products will be exported to your BiteneKadar store with the conditions you set. With the automatic update, you do not need to follow the new products on your source, the delisted ones, stock information etc. StockMount does those all for you! Instead of those, you can follow your orders, manage your messages, prepare your bills and analyze the sales data. By this way, you can gain so much time and use it for increasing your sales and profit.

StockMount-BiteneKadar integration is free for first 3 months!