Become a Supplier of Market

Who should be a supplier?

Who produces own products
or are exporters

Who does not want
to open e-stores

Who wants
to deplete stocks

Suppliers who want to
increase their sales level.

Contact us via phone or e-mail to get detailed information about StockMount Market.

In order to be a supplier of Market, please fill the application form down below.

Supplier Application Form

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Being a Supplier

Suppliers only pay service fee set by the agreement for their sold products to StockMount.

You can list anything but the products prohibited by the law.

You can review the products prohibited to be sold by the law from the agreement.

Your application will be reviewed by StockMount and in 2 work-days you will be informed.

No, you do not need to.

The sellers that have stores on e-commerce platforms can list and sell your products in their owns. When the sales transaction is done, you can review order information on your panel.