Akınsoft Integration

Akınsoft Integration

StockMount - Akınsoft Integration

You may have your StockMount - Akınsoft integrated by stock and order via Akınsoft integration packages on StockMount Application Market. There are two features of StockMount - Akınsoft Integration.

Akınsoft Stock Integration

You can transfer your products from Akınsoft automatically to StockMount, and from StockMount to the e-commerce platforms which StockMount integrates. You can transfer those as they are or you can edit images, description, brand, product name, quantity, etc. and then transfer to StockMount. This integration makes StockMount and Akınsoft synchronize instantly. This instant synchronization is also for the integration between StockMount and e-commerce platforms. For the products transferred from Akınsoft to StockMount, the changes you do on Akınsoft will appear in a short period of time on the e-commerce platfomes that you have integrated with StockMount. By this way, the price and/or changes you do on Akınsoft are automatically transferred to StockMount and from there to e-commerce platforms. All in all, the risk of a sale of a product with wrong pricing or quantity directly decreases to a minimum level. If you have more than one e-store, whenever you get an order, the quantity of that product will automatically be decreased and updated from the other e-stores of yours.

Akınsoft Order Integration

If you do your stock controls, billing - freight billing preparations on Akınsoft, with the help of this integration you are going to have automatic synchronization. The orders of e-stores of yours on StockMount are transferred to Akınsoft automatically. The only thing left is preparing bills - freight bills. The quantity information on Akınsoft is updated automatically. This automatic order integration between StockMount and AkınSoft lets system do so: If the sold product has a stock card on Akınsoft, it will match with that and order will be processed on that. If it does not, it will be opened up as a seperate stock card automatically. These cards for orders, depending on your preference, will be opened up automatically.

You may display Akınsoft Integration on StockMount Admin Panel "Application Market". For detailed information, you may contact with us via info@stockmount.com or +90 (850) 840 77 77.