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Akakçe Integration

With StockMount Akakçe Integration you can automate all your transactions on the Akakçe Order Module.

With Using StockMount Akakçe Integration you can send products to your akakçe store, keep up to date these products, manage your orders via StockMount and you perform sales and invoicing.  For using Akakçe Order Module, your store should be opened on Akakçe and you must have defined your e-commerce site’s virtual POS informations in your Akakçe account.

After you set the conditions for listing items products which uploaded StockMount with your e-commerce xml, are transferred to your Akakçe store. Then the products are automatically updated regularly with changes in XML. XML posted on your site to stay current is enough to keep the store up to date.

When you place a product published in Akakçe do not have to pay commissions as sales in the marketplace. The end user of your product located next to the "Buy Now" button clicks if you only need to pay the fee clicks. When the sales transaction took place your order, as in all other platforms, will be seems on StockMount panel. You can track your Akakçe orders and invoicing through StockMount.