Akakçe Integration Is Ready To Use

Akakçe Integration Is Ready To Use

You can use StockMount for Akakçe Order Module Integration

For over 15 years, akakce.com is a price comparison robot and which serves as an online shopping directory in the e-commerce sector, supporting your sales with new application Akakçe Order Module. With Akakçe Ordering Module e-commerce products on your site can sell directly without paying a commission fee, only with low clickthrough rates. After creating your store on Akakçe and adding "Akakçe Integration" in your StockMount package, products in the XML that you create on your site are publish in Akakçe through StockMount.

For making direct sales in Akakçe,  your store should be opened on Akakçe and you must have defined your e-commerce site’s virtual POS informations in your Akakçe account. After you set the conditions for listing items products which uploaded StockMount with your e-commerce xml, are transferred to your Akakçe store. Then the products are automatically updated regularly with changes in XML. When the sales transaction took place your order, as in all other platforms, will be seems on StockMount panel. You can track your Akakçe orders and invoicing through StockMount.

To accelerate e-commerce sales on your site with Akakçe, please contact us immediately...

StockMount wishes you a great success in your e-commerce life.