2014 Analysis from GittiGidiyor

2014 Analysis from GittiGidiyor

World’s leading marketplace eBay’s partner in Turkey GittiGidiyor.com has released an interesting infographic of 2014 statistics. The infographic, which was prepared by using GittiGidiyor.com data, shares interesting facts like, purchasing habits, timing, purchasing choices depending on gender.

Some the information shared in the infographic is: If Turkey’s busiest marketplace GittiGidiyor.com were a country, with its 11 million population it will be a more crowded country than Greece. With its number of users of 1,571,416 between the ages of 18-35, it would have a younger population than Holland

In more than 5 thousand categories and more than 8 million sales, one item is sold in every 3 seconds.

Who says women shop the most?

According to GittiGidiyor.com statistics men (65%) shop more than women (35%) contrary to general sense. Last year’ last minutes on 31 December 2013 at 23:59:41 a black pair of men shoes were sold.

Holidays ara the time where the most shopping done. October 29, the independence day is the leading day. Did you say syndrome? We are overcoming that with gittigidiyor because the day that people shop the most is Monday.

What did we purchase in the first seconds of the new year?

We love giving presents on special days but especially on the new years. The most shopping is done in December. The first day of the new year on 01.01.2014 at 00:00:02, the first three purchase that was made “Wireless analog game center”, “Wireless keyboard mouse set” and “Wireless modem”.

Gittigidiyor has surprising sales figures last year in wedding, reception and wedding shoppings. In 2014, 1,558,908 wedding candy was purchased.

Cell phone, computer, pads, appliances, accessories and small home appliances are the most selling items. The most expensive item that was sold, was a 25,000 TL worth an antique watch