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Take full control of all your e-commerce processes on multiple channels.

With StockMount, it is easy to add products to your Amazon and eBay stores, automatically update your product information and inventory, and keep track of your sales. You will be able to reduce your costs whilst improving your fulfilment and customer service performances.

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You can customize your products separately for each store and processes such as category mapping can be done easily with StockMount.

StockMount lists your products in your stores on marketplaces, automatically updates your product information, and lets you manage your sales and messages from one screen. You can reply to your messages from StockMount, print invoices and shipping labels for your orders from multiple channels.

StockMount is designed for you to manage multiple marketplaces with tailored integrations.

Set up and integrate your Amazon, eBay or Shopify account, and start selling your merchandise immediately. One platform that lets you sell wherever your customers are. With access to multiple marketplaces, you can easily create listings, synchronize inventory, manage orders, print invoices and generate shipping labels at the click of a button, drastically simplifying domestic and international expansion.

Once your product information is uploaded to StockMount, it will automatically synchronize everthing with marketplaces.

It's time to obtain the benefit of modern technology and grow your business. With the continuous integration it’s easy to change any information. StockMount will automatically notify your desired marketplaces, with the click of a button. No information will be lost again!

Extend your reach, get your products in front of more shoppers online!

Enlarge your business with accurate and continuous synchronization! You can automatically price your products on a general rule, category-based or product basis, and you can specify listing conditions.

Manage all your e-stores in a single application. We believe selling online should be easy and fun.

Spend less time on order processing, labels, picking, packing and spreadsheets, and more time on your core business. Operations such as product listing, product updates, product editing, invoice preparation, messaging, transactions on multiple platforms can easily be done on a single screen. It's easy to upload your products from a source file or manually enter by StockMount if you desire. You can edit name, subheading, description, pictures, etc fast and easily.




79 / month

29 / month

  • Listings: 1,000
  • Orders: 300
  • Users: 3
  • Amazon: Unlimited Stores
  • eBay (comming soon): Unlimited Stores
  • * 1¢ per extra listing
  • * 1¢ per extra order
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169 / month

$ 79 / month

  • Listings: 30,000
  • Orders: 3,000
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Amazon: Unlimited Stores
  • eBay (comming soon): Unlimited Stores
  • * 1¢ per extra listing
  • * 1¢ per extra order
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StockMount is an integration software which helps individuals or companies in e-commerce business to manage all operations on one panel.

Sellers who are selling on e-commerce platforms and mobile applications can complete daily routine tasks on StockMount. Operations such as product listing and updating, etc. are done automatically on StockMount and also, product editing, bill preparation, messaging operations can be followed and completed easily.

Since StockMount is a cloud based software, it can be used everywhere on every device that connects to the Internet. It is also highly scalable and being used by e-commerce merchants of all scales.

Product updates are done automatically, all user needs to do is following daily processes. User can access all the details and summaries about sales on manager desk, can make necessary interventions immediately and completely. User secures all of the data, thanks to StockMount and all user needs to do is improving operations for increasing income.

StockMount provides fully automated inventory operations for the seller who wants to have more time to focus on core business instead of struggling with marketplace operations.

With StockMount’s eBay Integration; listing, selling, updating and messaging processes from xml and excel files as well as products added from the user panel are now very easy!

To perform eBay Integration with StockMount, you should first open an API account for your online store or stores on eBay. When you sign up for StockMount, you must first enter the API information given to you by eBay. Then you introduce your source files (Xml, excel, etc.) containing your product information to the system. Using our category matching wizard, you'll be able to quickly match categories, then finally set up your listing template settings.

When you complete these processes, your products will be automatically transferred to the eBay system under the conditions you set. It will run automatically every day and update your new products, unpublished products, prices, stock quantities and so on. StockMount keeps track of all of these transactions for you. You follow your orders from StockMount user panel, manage your messages, prepare your invoices and analyze your sales. With StockMount, you can use the time you earn to analyze your sales and increase your earnings.

With StockMount’s Amazon Integration; bulk product uploading, product updating and order tracking are easy. With this integration, you can easily sell your products in your Amazon store. You can update product inventory information and prices automatically, track your orders from your StockMount panel and print your invoice and shipping labels.

In order to use Amazon integration, you should first apply to Amazon as a reseller and your application must be approved. Once your store has been approved, you will need to authorize StockMount as developer. Following this authorization, API integration between StockMount and your store will be enabled.


StockMount's multiple warehouse management is the easiest warehouse management amongst the online apps. You can easily manage your inventory for an infinite number of warehouses across multiple countries, stores and warehouses. With our comprehensive warehouse management abilities, you'll be able to create new warehouses to suit your specific needs. You can even link your warehouses to real warehouse locations.

You can easily define which warehouses will be assigned to which countries, states and zip codes, or let the software automatically determine availability. You'll be able to specify which warehouse has what amount of each product stock and the order limits. Let's not forget that you can manage the stock levels of every warehouse individually. You'll be able to define minimum and maximum purchase quantities as well as specifying a minimum stock level.