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What does StockMount do?

StockMount Gathers Your Entire Product sources Under a Single Roof

You can add more than one product on StockMount. You can upload your Xml or Excel file that created by your commercial program, xml file that comes from your supplier or Excel file that you created in the system. Apart from these, you can also upload product manually on StockMount management panel. There are no restrictions about the number of products and source files on StockMount. (Only on free package, product number is restricted to 750 items) For all the source files that are uploaded to system, you can choose which e-shop or e-commerce site you are going to use for these sources. Thus, you can list all of your products in any place and in any conditions.


StockMount Sends Your Products to Virtual Marketplaces and E-commerce Sites

StockMount sends all of your product sources to virtual marketplaces on conditions that you have determined and helps you to list your products. By using category-matching wizard, you may match the categories in your source file and categories in your virtual marketplace. You can customize the listing (sales price, shipment type, commission rate, listing template etc.) for every source of your products and then list them in your e-commerce and virtual marketplace. You may do all those using just one panel. Changes are integrated in the next update.


StockMount Collects Sales Information

StockMount, automatically collects the sales information that occurs in the virtual marketplaces, e-commerce sites and online shops. This way you can manage your sales on one screen. You can see the details of your sales, you can analyze them, submit shipment information on the system and prepare bills. For the sales that are done, if you have to verify them you can do it from the StockMount management panel. Once your clients have placed an order, you can see their real name instead of their nicknames in all of your listings. If your client has more than one order on the virtual shop or e-commerce website, you can approve or reject all of them all at once. The system helps you do an “all at once” processing for those types of things. This way you will not have problems like forgotten orders or separate shipments.


StockMount Enables You to Message with Your Clients

StockMount extends your flexibility with its advanced messaging system. You can both send messages on the virtual marketplaces messaging system or send messages through WhatsApp or SMS. You can likewise see the messages coming from virtual marketplaces and e-commerce sites from the management panel, and reply them. Even though virtual marketplaces and e-commerce delete messages after a period of time, StockMount archives them for further use. You can make message templates if you want and use them when answering standart questions. You can see all of your past messages on one screen and you can answer to a client by knowing the past discussion, and answering them more accurately. You can filter your read, unread and non-replied messages.


StockMount Prepares Your Bills and Shipment Labels

StockMount uses report design to help you make yourself a unique bill design or shipment label design. You can, if you want, prepare bills one by one, or prepare them all at once for all of your sales. You can prepare one or more bill designs. The system automatically indicates the sales that have been billed, and it indicates as “billed”. If you are using a different system for managing and preparing bills other than StockMount, you can indicate the billed ones manually. This way you can filter the orders by billed and not billed. The shipment labels that you can design and posts will give a much more unique and professional impression to your clients. Also, since the shipment the details automatically will be printed on the shipment labels, your chances of making mistakes on the lables are zero and the shipping information that is needed by the shipment company will be provided to them without any extra effort.


StockMount Updates All Your Products Hands-Free

StockMount, updates your e-commerce and online shops as many times as the update number provided in your service package. The Stockmount process timer makes these updates automatically every day. With every update, first your products in the source files are compared with the ones on the system. StockMount determines products that have changes on, new added products and products that are none left in the stocks or the products that have their source file deleted. The updates occur for every product that has been determined and updates happen in the e-commerce and virtual marketplace shops. For products recently added to your source files, they are listed under the circumstances determined for that specific source file. The products deleted from the source files or have none left in the stocks are deleted from your e-commerce and online shops. For products with changed values such as price, names, definition etc. are updated on your e-commerce and online shops. The products that have changed values because of the exchange rates are updated as well.