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JSON Integration

Purchasing product with StockMount JSON Integration

Users can upload their own JSON files and suppliers’ JSON files very easily to the system with StockMount. This is the first step to JSON integration. There are 2 more steps to complete JSON integration. Category matching is made according to the targeted virtual market place for JSON that is integrated to the system. Last step is to determine the listing rule. After all these JSON integration starts automatically.

You can integrate whichever file you want with StockMount JSON integration to the system, you can list your products in virtual markets and e-commerce sites with this JSON integration. As long as you keep your JSON updated in the source; any change in your products will be updated daily, the product that is out of JSON file and out of stock will be deleted and new additions to your JSON file will be listed.

In case you need any support to enter your products to StockMount system with JSON integration, you may use the information documents in Product Sources section.